A Journey: Collection Of Spiritual Poems By Shri Narendra Modi

When I came to know about "A Journey", a collection of Shri Narendra Modi’s poems, I could not stop myself from buying the book and reading all the poems as soon as possible. I am sharing my review in this article.
A Journey: Collection of Spiritual Poems by Shri Narendra Modi
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More than the lie of a fragrant garden,

The stench of manure is the Truth I value

I find Truth everywhere I look.

  • Prayer, Shri Narendra Modi

I am sure that these lines have touched your soul; the poet is none other than our honorable Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi. Amazing, isn’t it? We never knew that he is a poet!

When I came to know about "A Journey", a collection of Shri Narendra Modi’s poems, I could not stop myself from buying the book and reading all the poems as soon as possible. As a common woman of India I have enough curiosity about

our Prime Minister. However, I am not here to talk about Narendra Modi the politician, the PM; I would like to talk about Narendra Modi, the poet.

I am writing this review solely because I liked his poems. I want to clarify that I have no personal inclination towards any political party/ leader, neither am I supposed to promote any political agenda.

So, this is all about poetry.

The poems were originally written in the Gujarati language; Shri Ravi Mantha has done the amazing work of translating the poems into English. Poetry is packed with expressions so it is quite tough to retain the original fervor in a translated version; but Mr Mantha has done the work successfully. The English poems nowhere look like loosely connected with the original thought, rather they look like original works of poetry.

I will never say that the poems are great in terms of literary style and diction; no ornate/ elaborate expression has been used; but the greatness of the poems lies in the depth of meaning and the lucidity of expression. In my opinion, the simplest creations are the best beautiful. I always like simple poetry that says little and expresses a lot, just like the creations of Lalon Fakir, Sant Kabir, Kabiguru Rabindranath (Bengal’s pride!) and the English poet, William Blake.

The book, “A Journey”, represents the journey of a poetic soul that travels on the rail of realization. The quite common and usual activities of life, as well as the creatures and objects of nature have been represented through poetic vision, which evokes an all new realization in the reader’s mind.

The poet has repeatedly used the moon imagery which I really like because I am also very much fond of the soft magical luminosity of the moon. Butterfly, honeybee, trees, soil, mountain and sea—all the natural entities have appeared in the poems with distinction, vivacity and exuberance. There are instances of beautiful imageries, personification and pathetic fallacy, like

‘The butterfly drowns in a sea of colour’


‘The afternoon coughed like a sick patient

And the evening fell with a feeling of helplessness’

The poems are quite compact, concise and easy-going. Even readers who are not usually fond of literary works, would easily understand these poems. There is a deep spiritual inspiration ingrained in every line; there are multiple references and allusions to the Ramayana, the Mahabharata and other Hindu Myths. The bard says:

'On the path of success lies jealousy/ On the path of failure we court mercy/ Beyond the two lies the salvation I seek.'

  • In the Shade of God’s Umbrella

'O Lord! This world and my own true self/ I can please or I cannot please./

But you, O Lord, I will never displease.'

  • God’s Grace

These lines make me remember a few lines from a poem of Emily Bronte:

'No coward soul is mine/…/ I see Heaven’s glories shine,/ And faith shines equal, arming me from fear./…/ Though Earth and man were gone,/ And suns and universes cease to be,/ And Thou were left alone,/ Every existence would exist in Thee.'

  • Last Lines, Emily Bronte

Modi Ji’s vision also makes me recall the vision of William Blake, my favorite poet:

'To see a world in a grain of sand,/ And a heaven in a wild flower,/ Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,/ And eternity in an hour./ …/ A dog starved at his master’s gate/ Predicts the ruin of the state./ …/ A truth that is told with bad intent/ Beats all the lies you can invent./ …/ The questioner, who sits so sly,/ Shall never know how to reply./ He who replies to words of doubt/ Doth put the light of knowledge out./ …/ He who doubts from what he sees/ Will ne’er believe, do what you please.'

  • Auguries of Innocence, William Blake

And here is the most profound reflection from Narendra Modi on a person’s religious faith:

'My faith is not at the expense of another’s/ It adds to the comfort of my fellow man.'

  • Proud As a Hindu

The poems vividly portray a man of work, who works with the sole purpose of working; he knows no greed, no ambition; he only works dedicatedly with his heart devoted towards the Almighty. So, he knows no fear, no weakness. This is nothing but the philosophy of Srimad Bhagabad Gita, uttered by Lord Sri Krishna. A few lines for example:

'No thought, only action./ To break the walls/ With eyes glowing like coal embers/ There is a challenge, there is a call.' 

  • Tomorrow’s Challenge

'I see the sky/ To be infatuated by the rainbow./ But my home is built on stone/ Never on a rainbow.'

  • Seeds of Dreams

To conclude, I must say that it was a pleasure to read “A Journey”, a book of poems by Shri Narendra Modi. The illustrations (done by Smt Priyanka Jain) are beautiful. The selection and arrangement of poems are perfect. The book has been published by Rupa Publications India Private Limited. I think you would feel interested to buy the book and read the poems. I bought it from the Amazon Kindle; the price is little, but the thoughts are priceless!

Article Written By arundhatiwriter

To think is human! Idea is what human society is made of.Behind every action and every change, there is an idea! That is why we have left forests and made the cities, right? So I feel the urge to express something new and make people think in a way as they have never done before!

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  • queeniech  29-06-2017
    Thank you for sharing his poems.. I love it too... at God' grace he is like a monk enjoying only the presence of God.. Now, I'm curious about the man
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