A Woman's Body Is Not Weak Or Fragile

The liberation of the Indian women are still in question due to the prevalence of domestic violence. It is such a deadly trouble that even the educated and working women fail to handle situations, and fall victims. This article puts focus on the empowerment of the Indian women.
A Woman's Body is not Weak or Fragile
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This is the digital India; this is the India of GST and AADHAAR. But still incidents of domestic violence are happening here. Each time I read the news of a woman getting killed by her in-laws, a fire burns me from inside.

An idea of weakness is injected into a woman’s brain since her puberty. She learns to ‘cover’ her body and thinks it is her ‘weakness’. I just wonder how it can happen in a land where Goddess Durga and different forms of Goddess Kali are worshipped.

Let me tell you one thing: both ‘power’ and ‘weakness’ stay inside a woman’s

mind. Not in her body. If you feel weak for being a woman, just forget all your ideas today. Forget whatever the society has told you. These ideas are developed, spread and preserved by a group of selfish people. Do not pay attention to them.

Thank God right now because you have gotten a human body. It is a wonderful machine. Learn to use it. There are a thousand methods for the empowerment of the human body and mind. In my opinion Yoga is the best option for this. The science of Yoga is developed to tune the human body and mind in perfect synchronization with the laws of nature. However, it is absolutely your choice; you can select any other method for the practice of strength and development. But make sure that you invest at least half an hour per day for

your own empowerment.

Meditation should be an inseparable part of your life. It is the most useful method to tune your mind. With regular practice, you will develop an amazing personality and clear perception of the world. You will become a person of more action and less emotion.

You might wonder why I am talking about meditation in the context of domestic violence. Let me tell you that a person who meditates regularly, becomes absolutely fearless. She develops clarity of thoughts and opinions; it becomes quite tough or almost impossible to ignore her. She speaks less, but she says every word with utter precision and dignity.

In life you can face a number of threatening situations—domestic violence, an irritating boyfriend, a desperate stalker and many other things. When you become powerful from inside, you will be able to handle all tough situations in life. You will never feel helpless and yield to the situation. You will never seek help from others and be misguided. You will be able to take the right decisions and actions quickly.

So, learn the techniques of Yoga and Meditation to discover the hidden strength of your body and mind. Find the happiness of a fearless life. Being a woman is indeed, a beautiful thing.

Article Written By arundhatiwriter

To think is human! Idea is what human society is made of.Behind every action and every change, there is an idea! That is why we have left forests and made the cities, right? So I feel the urge to express something new and make people think in a way as they have never done before!

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  • abhi_bangal  10-08-2017
    Absolutely right. A woman's body cannot be fragile. It had the power of reproduction. A woman is also stronger than a man. How many times have we seen a woman looking after a house single handedly. When a husband loses his resistance power it is his wife that comes forward to help him out. A mother helps her son out and so does a sister for her brother. How? Because they are not only able physically but also mentally. Salute to womanhood.
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  • swati  05-08-2017
    Being a Women is never easy but once you happen to understand the power we hold in our mind, we make a challenge to the society for diversity. Indian society needs a better vision and acceptance for women, but I have seen a huge change in their mentality these days and its resulting amazingly. But still we have many obstacles to overcome.
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    • arundhatiwriter  05-08-2017
      Yes changes are coming; but still there are incidents of domestic torture, dowry related issues, torture for bearing a girl child or not bearing child etc. A few months ago I read a story of a UP woman who was a school teacher (!), burnt with acid...!!!
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