Have You Thought About Opening A Time Savings Account?

When we talk about assets, we consider gold and money, but do not really mention 'time'; but time is as worthy as money or gold and even worthier, because you cannot really gain time once you lose it. Once you waste time, it is wasted forever. So, why not open a Time Savings Account and earn interest? Sounds funny? I know; but you will believe it after I explain.
Have you Thought about Opening a Time Savings Account?
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In everyday life, you will find a number of activities which just kill your time and do no benefit for you. If you can eliminate, or at least regulate such activities, your Time Savings Account is opened!

Stop Uploading Selfies

All of us are allured by the easy access of social media and the unlimited space it provides, to let the world know about us. Just uploading pictures and stories is not enough; we also want to keep track of how many people have seen that.

Now please analyze this activity. Does it really do any benefit? All these updates are so short lived!

People forget an update immediately after they see another. Yes they appreciate you and that gives you a good feeling; still it is good to keep social activities for the weekend—virtual or real. On working days, do only professional networking. This clear division will help you maintain a balance of work and amusement and it will also help you manage your time better.

Learn to Utilize Your Leisure

Though you keep your weekends for social networking, do not spend more than one hour in social media; there should be a limit of getting attention and appreciation! Once you understand this, you will find a lot of time to care for your family, friends (real ones) and neighbors. You will be able to read books, listen to music and watch movies. All these are productive activities that give you real pleasure and also enrich you.

Manage Emotions

Have you noticed how much time you spend thinking about ‘how did that fool dare insult me’ or arguing about ‘men should have equal share of parenting’?

I am not saying that we should not think, react or argue; but we should understand when it is worth doing. Too much of emotional involvement can spoil productivity.

Wise people always advice to stay away from arguing with foolish and stubborn folk; they (the foolish) will never believe you and you will never be able to change their opinion. They will just hate you for having a different view point. So it will be an utter wastage of time and it will also bring frustration, eventually decreasing your productivity.

You also need to understand that the outer world has no responsibility of taking care of your emotions. You need to manage your emotions by yourself only. People will say and do things as they like, but if you get affected by almost anything and everything, you will lose sanity. You will spend your valuable time by thinking about petty emotional issues.

This was all about time saving. Now of course you will ask about the ‘interest’ part. Once you develop a discipline of saving time, it will make you mentally healthy and productive. You will be able to finish your duties quickly and manage all tasks perfectly. It will save some extra time, beside your routine Time Savings Plan. So, you can call it the 'interest of Time Savings Account'!

Now it is your duty to open the 'Time savings Account' and calculate the interest you earn; also do not forget to share your views as I will eagerly wait to hear from you!

Article Written By arundhatiwriter

To think is human! Idea is what human society is made of.Behind every action and every change, there is an idea! That is why we have left forests and made the cities, right? So I feel the urge to express something new and make people think in a way as they have never done before!

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  • nbillett  11-04-2017
    thanks for reiterating the notion of reducing the amount of time we spend n social media. It is truly time consuming and we get so involved that we believe the interactions are more real than being among people in the flesh.
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    • arundhatiwriter  25-04-2017
      I am so happy to know that this article was useful for you; thanks a lot for sharing your opinion. Please stay connected. Regards
  • Lightningforce  28-03-2017
    I think you are right. Our emotions get in our way and we tend to make wrong decisions sometimes in what we should or should not do. This artcile was precisely what I was looking for and did not realize that our emotions can get the better of us. I think before we make a serious decision like this, we need to be focused and clear-headed and know what we are doing. This was interesting article and nicely done.
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    • arundhatiwriter  25-04-2017
      My heartiest thanks for expressing your opinion; stay happy and please stay connected!
  • greenikp  26-03-2017
    Great write up! good to see you writing after long :)
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    • arundhatiwriter  26-03-2017
      Thank you friend. Yes I was absent for a long time due to prolonged illness; now I'm happy to be back here and sharing my thoughts with you!
  • ilovegemni110  26-03-2017
    It is no matter to open account it is matter what should you upload or share with world? Is it spreading awareness or knowledge of happening surrounding you? Poverty is increasing day by day but some of countless people who extremely wish to help them out, hut they hold theirselves doing so as lake of aware of them. Share it but most beneficial material for others
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