How Social Media Has Changed My Concept Of Communication

Social media is an inseparable part of our social existence; but before one enters the vast world of social media, some harsh truths must be known, because teenagers can commit a number of mistakes over here! So, in this article, I would like to share how I have learned to make meaningful use of this platform.

In the period of growing up, we were given the lessons of decency by our elders; we learned to respond to people with modesty when asked something; but little did they know about the fact that later, all of us would belong to a virtual society, called social media!

I entered the social media when I was in college. I started making friends and chatting with them. In most of the cases, these conversations start with routine communication like sharing information about one’s career, family and hobbies. It becomes boring after a certain time; as we don’t meet these people, we

really don’t find topics for conversation. Intelligent people cannot have fun by saying ‘what did u have in breakfast today’ or ‘it’s really hot outside’ kind of things!

Things become really irritating when apparently harmless conversations lead to love proposal or something worse from an unknown person. It is unfortunate that a number of people use the platform of social media to satisfy their lust! It’s shocking!

The problem is that the virtual world is so vast and so fast, that here we meet innumerable people within a little time. People have the scope to hide their true faces; so, some people take this opportunity to irritate others. It is our duty to remain cautious. Often, our decency can be taken as indulgence!

It is to be mentioned that I do social networking for my own pleasure. So, I have the right to make selections. If somebody thinks that I am too proud and indecent, I am

helpless. But It is not possible to reply to just anyone and everyone! It is illogical to maintain decency with all! And we are not supposed to spend a huge time on social networking!

With time, I have found that chatting with unknown or half-known people disgusts me! Social media is not all about chatting and sharing photographs. I rather prefer to use these platforms to share and spread ideas and opinions.

You know what is most rewarding? I am a comedy-lover; so, I have created a comedy group in a social networking site and have got a huge response from people. Now I spend most of the time with this group and really don’t find time for chatting.

To be logical, I have some thousand friends on social media. Is it possible to respond to all of them, while some people ask really meaningless questions or make stupid gestures everyday? No! I am not obliged to waste my time on something I don’t like! Actually, mature and intelligent people do not spend time with chatting. They focus on sharing opinions through their posts. After I have become meticulously selective while making friends, I have received few pings for chat. Again, wise people really don’t chat with anyone and everyone in the social media!

Finally, I would like to request my young friends to be very cautious while having fun in social networking. Be very particular about your choices and let people know it from the very beginning!

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  • arundhatiwriter  16-07-2016
    Rubyhawk, Yes, we need to be very careful and alert the youngsters who have innocent minds.
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  • rubyhawk  26-04-2016
    Very true, you never know who you are speaking to on the social media. Everyone should be careful.
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  • abhi_bangal  04-03-2016
    Nicely written! What you said in your title was but natural with changing times.
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    • arundhatiwriter  04-03-2016
      Dear Friend, thanks a lot for reading and giving your valuable feedback!
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