Juvenile Justice, Or Social Injustice?

The section of Juvenile Justice in Indian legal system is bringing continuous threats upon the society. We must start thinking over the issue.
Juvenile Justice, or Social Injustice?
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It is high time we brought the idea of ‘Juvenile Justice’ under scanner, as some incidents have seriously brought a threat to the society from ‘juvenile criminals’. The fact of Nirvaya rapist and murderer getting free after a certain period of jail term due to his being juvenile ‘at the time the crime took place’, spur a huge uproar throughout the country. Apparently, no common man/ woman could support this logic of Indian Judiciary. Still, it was system and we could not prevent it.

A few days later, I came across a news story where a juvenile murderer committed another murder

after six months from his punishment was over. The news was alarming, no doubt. And very recently there was another story in the very first page of a leading Indian daily. The murderer of Barun Biswas, the hero of Sutia, West Bengal, was again held for a couple murder!

The village of Sutia was breathing in the air of terror and gang-rape; gang-rape was being used as a weapon of terror and incidents of rape became as common as sunrise or rain. Barun Biswas, a schoolteacher, arose as a young leader who built up an organized protest in the face of terror. He started educating the village girls and tried to restore their confidence. Soon, he was shot dead by a gang of goons in 2012.

One of the boys who fired Barun, was arrested. But due to the fact of his being a juvenile he was released after spending three years in a

juvenile remand home. He was sheltered by a family of an old couple and their only son. He targeted the life of the son of the old couple due to some personal clash; when the son flew from home, his parents were brutally killed by the criminal.

The incident is spine-chilling, no doubt. But it is time to review our legal system when a number of cases are found where a ‘juvenile’ criminal has committed a heinous crime for the second time after getting released by correctional home. The question that would obviously strike everyone is that, whether the psyche of a cold-blooded murderer can change at all, whether it is safe for the society to release these types of criminals out in the open.

In my opinion, we should focus on the type of crime which has been committed. If a juvenile mind can get involved in a criminal action with full consciousness, the person must be treated like an adult, because he/she has already lost the innocence of a young mind; the term ‘juvenile criminal’ sounds like an oxymoron. Expert psychologists must be involved to analyze such cases and keep an alert eye on the criminals. As common citizens, our lives cannot be put under threat by the judiciary. It is high time we raised a cry for our right to safety.

Article Written By arundhatiwriter

To think is human! Idea is what human society is made of.Behind every action and every change, there is an idea! That is why we have left forests and made the cities, right? So I feel the urge to express something new and make people think in a way as they have never done before!

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