The L - C - S Fever

The addiction to social networking says that your life is helplessly dependent upon the responses of the society. At some point of time, it will seem hollow and meaningless!
The L - C - S Fever
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Do you remember the commercial of a famous fairness brand, where the model says that we always need a make-up look only because we love to click and share our moments in the social media? It’s absolutely true, because some people actually update their each and every move in the social network, with or without pictures!

The next step is constant checking for like, comment and share; non-stop counting ‘how popular I am’! Actually we love to be judged by others. Whatever we do, read a book, listen to some music, or watch a movie, we want people to know about

it. What we actually do is, constantly announcing, confirming and highlighting our existence in the name of ‘social networking’!

You can ask, ‘What’s so wrong about it? We are social beings and we must make social communication! Why to criticize that?’ Nothing is wrong till everything good happens with you. But Fortune’s wheel will surely turn and when bad times will come, you will hate society for poking its nose into ‘your’ matters! Surely, irresponsible remarks will frustrate you more when you are already broken!

But think, it was you who wanted them to know all your matters and comment upon those matters! Suppose you are celebrating your birthday or getting married. Obviously, you will make it grand! And you will invite all your friends and acquaintances to share your happiness. Actually you would like to make a social announcement of what is happening in your life.

But None of the guests are going to have the benefits of your happy married life, or your good result in exams or your promotion in some company. You will not

share your honeymoon in Mauritius or Oxford scholarship with them. So, don’t expect that they are going to share your grief during the bad times!

Will you ever think of omitting everyone from your known circle in some event and inviting a group of poor, homeless people who cannot afford basic food everyday? Or inviting the members of an Old Age Home or an Orphanage? The answer is a clear ‘NO’.

You will argue, ‘What people will say? What the society will think about me? No no, I am a social being and I must please the society!’ Okay! So, you allow the ‘society’ to rule your life! Then no wonder that it will have opinion upon your failures as well, upon your decision of breakup or divorce!

No, I am not saying that we should avoid the society, the friends, relatives and neighbors. They are there to complete our lives. But this disease of announcement, sometimes show-off (consciously or unconsciously), must be cured! If we stop blindly depending upon the opinions of others, we will get less affected by what they are saying. If we can stop doing things for others thinking that our achievements are to make others happy, and do everything with our own judgement, keep quiet about the goods and bads, then surely, there will be a balance in the life!


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