Why You Need To Boost Up Psychological Immunity

Our idea of educated/ uneducated, civilized/ uncivilized are quite simplified; you will meet a thousand brutes in the ‘civil society’ and the same number of modest people in slums.
Why You Need to Boost up Psychological Immunity
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We are talking a lot about online trolls since the last few days. I am deeply shocked to find how vulgar people can be on social platforms; how they can vent their grudges on others in the most uncivilized way! It is nothing but a virtual acid attack. It is disturbing because people who are using internet, social media and even the English language, are supposed to be educated. Of course they are educated in the certificate sense of the matter! Then this is the result of education!

Actually, our idea of educated/ uneducated, civilized/ uncivilized are quite blinkered and simplified. A few days ago,

I was reading ‘Walden’ written by Henry David Thoreau. Thoreau classifies people in a new way; so-called ‘uncivilized’ people living in their own mud-huts are called the ‘rich savage’; so-called ‘civilized’ people struggling to fulfill their needs of sober apartments and other luxuries of life are called the ‘poor civilized’.

So, all the ideas of rich-poor/ civilized-uncivilized get messed up, ghete ghaw. As it is done in an economic context, it can also be done in a psychological context. In fact, modesty does not depend on school education; you will meet a thousand brutes in the ‘civil society’ and the same number of modest people in slums. So, we can classify people like this:

Modest Civilized --> the best

Modest Savage --> the second best, these people will never do you any harm

Brute Savage --> still better, because they can be identified and you can keep distance

Brute Civilized --> the worst; you have to bear them

Now, you will ask, ‘why on earth should I bear those spoiled brats’?

Okay, then what do you want? Do you want all these people to be in jail/ hell?

Very good idea; then the commercial builders will start building jail/hell apartments; you will see ads like ‘South facing jail/hell apartment with open kitchen-open toilet-open bedroom-open balcony-open roof in attractive price’…

Don’t forget that the number is B-I-G. Trouble-makers are easily available like roti-makers. So, you have to, B-E-A-R.

When you are not

able to eradicate the pathogen, the only option to get saved is to boost up your immunity. And here, we need to boost up our psychological immunity.

Actually, I started the conversation with online trolls; but we have to bear illogical insensible immodest people in every sphere of life, even in our home and neighborhood. You can get rid of the online troublemakers easily. But what to do with the real-life pathogens?

Ignore; that is the best medicine. We are quite easily affected due to our excessive ego-problem. Once we can control our ego and can learn to take things easily, we can avoid a lot of troubles. If you ignore someone, it does not mean your defeat; it is just the reverse; by arguing you pay them attention; don’t do that. Remember, IGNORANCE means INSULT!

Brothers and sisters, there are thousands of home remedies and cosmetic creams to make your skin beautiful; do not apply people’s worthless comments on your skin. It does not help.

Immunity does not come overnight. It needs consistent practice. Also you need to practice meditation and Pranayam on a regular basis to calm down your body and mind permanently. It will help. Your calmness will also prevent you from making irresponsible comments/ statements on social media or in real life (under the pressure of troubled circumstances, even the most decent people can become troublemakers!).


So, don’t get afraid; don’t be irritated. Be calm, happy and composed. People will fear to bother you.

Article Written By arundhatiwriter

To think is human! Idea is what human society is made of.Behind every action and every change, there is an idea! That is why we have left forests and made the cities, right? So I feel the urge to express something new and make people think in a way as they have never done before!

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  • sweta  07-05-2017
    Maintaining psychological intelligence has prime role in everyone's life for a happy and healthy life. Psychological health helps heal from inside and make a person strong and confident to deal with all kinds of negativity. For that meditation is a proven remedy to nurture our inner self. Nice topic!
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    • arundhatiwriter  20-05-2017
      Exactly; with the practice of meditation and Pranayama a person can grow calm, patient and tolerant and will stop reacting to petty issues. Thanks for your feedback Sweta!
  • venkatnaik  26-04-2017
    Absolutely ! Social media is both boon and bane. If its used properly it has amazing benefits but like you mentioned many use SM for wrong reasons to spit venom and hatred. I see most trolling happens from followers of political parties against their opponents and its very vicious. Like you mentioned we must not let some troll effect us so easily. Best way to increase psychological immunity is things like Meditation. We can't change trolls but we can certainly change our reactions to trolls.
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    • arundhatiwriter  27-04-2017
      Thanks a lot friend; yes you are right. Meditation is the best way to keep ourselves quiet through all problems; we should not react easily.
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